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FILBE Load Lifter Strap Repair Kit In Stock | Apr. 27, 2015

We developed the USMC Pack Load Lifter Strap Repair Kit to replace the failure-prone load lifter straps and buckles on the FILBE Shoulder Harness. The kit can be installed in the field in minutes. The product page can be viewed here.

New Products now Available | Feb. 10, 2015

The Under Pack (UP) Belt is a lightweight pants belt that eliminates buckles and rigid webbing to remain comfortable when worn under a backpack hipbelt. Click here to learn more.
Custom printed mil-spec labels are now available with no setup fee or high minimum order requirement. You can view the product page here.

THE-E Pocket Organizer Now in Stock | Feb. 5, 2015

THE-E Pocket Organizer is now in stock in black, Multicam and Multicam Black. Click here to order yours today!

THE-E Pocket Organizer Pre-order | Nov. 5, 2014

THE-E Pocket Organizer, a compact organizer pouch designed by CDH-Tac Finland, is now available for pre-order at 15% off retail price. Click here to reserve yours today.

Scorpion W2 PAPs Available for Pre-order | Aug. 25, 2014

We're manufacturing an extremely limited quantity of Practical Admin Pouches in authentic Operational Camouflage Pattern (Scorpion W2) 500 denier nylon. Click here to learn more.

THE-E Pocket Organizer Coming Soon | Jul. 23, 2014

THE-E Pocket Organizer, a tactical/EDC organization pouch designed by CDH-Tac Finland, will be manufactured and retailed by Oneiros Valley later this year. Check out the product page for specifications and to sign up for availability notifications.

Practical Admin Pouch (PAP) Now Available | Jun. 2, 2014

The much anticipated wait for the Cole Partnerships and Training/Oneiros Valley Practical Admin Pouch is over. Visit the product page and purchase one today.

Scorpion vs. MultiCam | May 25, 2014

For all those curious about the pattern differences between MultiCam and the US Army's newly selected camouflage pattern, Scorpion, wonder no longer. Click here to see the differences in our latest article.

USMC Pack Modification Kit in Stock | Apr. 24, 2014

Finally available publicly, we have USMC Pack Modification Kits available to upgrade or repair FILBE main rucks. Click here to learn more.

MEAN Pad Now in Stock | Feb. 26, 2014

The MEAN Pad, a lumbar pad accessory for the NICE Frame, is in stock and available for order. Click here to order yours today!

MEAN Pad Available for Pre-Order | Dec. 10, 2013

Our MEAN Pad, a lumbar pad accessory for the NICE Frame, is finally available for pre-order, with an estimated ship date of January 2014. Click here to view the product page.

New Product Reviews Live | Nov. 10, 2013

We have reviews of the Mystery Ranch Big Horn, NICE 6500 and Bergans of Norway Powerframe posted on our Articles and Reviews page. Click here to check them out.

Veterans Day Weekend Discount | Nov. 8, 2013

All orders placed through our website with a valid DOD email address today through Veterans Day, 11 November, will receive a 20% discount. Price will be adjusted after checkout.

Gen II Load Lifter Panel Available for Pre-order | Sept. 23, 2013

Our Load Lifter Panel, a NICE Frame extension, has undergone a complete redesign and the results speak for themselves. The Gen II LLP weighs under eight ounces and retains all the features of the first model, including up to a six inch frame height increase, while retailing at a lower cost. Click here to visit the product page.

OV Belt Guide Coming Soon | Sept. 18, 2013

The OV Belt Guide - a simple, lightweight attachment that changes the direction a hipbelt tightens - will be available for order shortly. Click here to learn more.

Our New Website is Live! | Sept. 17, 2013

After many challenges and a lot of effort from our web developer and us, our revamped website is now live. We'll continue to push updates and improvements in the coming weeks.