ALICE Pack Options

By Jesse Ables
Written 24 April 2017
Last updated 14 May 2024


Ah, the ALICE pack. Despite being adopted by the US Army in 1973, the pack system continues to be a popular choice for both military and civilian users. Since the late 1990s, a large number of aftermarket packbags, frames, and pads sets have been developed as an improvement over the issued ALICE pack components. This article attempts to list as many of those accessories as possible for users who are looking to upgrade their ALICE system.

Know of an ALICE pack or pad set that we missed? Feel free to contact us to let us know!

ALICE Packbags

Besides the USGI medium and large ALICE packbags, here's a list of aftermarket bags that fit the ALICE frame.

Ares Armor
Atlas Ruck (discontinued)
Satellite Ruck (discontinued)
Victor Mike
Aus Webgear
• Modular ALICE Pack
Australian Defence Apparel
• Large Assault Pack
BDS Tactical
Large Mountain Ruck (discontinued)
Beez Combat Systems
Entry Tool Tac Pack (discontinued)
Tactical S.O.F. Ruck (discontinued)
Blackwater Gear
3-Day Pack (discontinued)
Bulldog Tactical Equipment
Alice Frame Molle Panel
CamelBak/Mystery Ranch
Behemoth™ (discontinued)1
Cerberus™ (discontinued)1
Manticore™ (discontinued)1
Crewcab™ (discontinued)1
34L Comms Pack1
40 Sniper Pack1
DG6 AUSNICE (discontinued)1
CSM Tactical Gear
Mountain Ruck (discontinued)
Down East Inc.
"Son of ALICE" Pack (discontinued)
Airborne Assault Pack System (P/N 1645) (discontinued)
Drift Dry, LLC
Recon Patrol pack (discontinued)
Drop Zone Tactical
64/Alice Main Bag (discontinued)
Eagle Industries
Jumpable Medical Pack/"Bissey Bag" (alleged P/N: A-III-M82AB-DF) (discontinued)
LRP Force Ruck (discontinued)
Excalibur Products Group
SALLE Ruck (discontinued)
Fire Force Tactical Gear
ALICE Large Rucksack (discontinued)
ALICE/MOLLE Rucksack Enhanced with MOLLE/PALS and 9 Pockets (discontinued)
ALICE/MOLLE Rucksack Modified with MOLLE/PALS (discontinued)
A.L.I.C.E. MOLLE Rucksack Original with PALS (discontinued)
Garrison Packs
Alice Frame Molle Panel
Grey Ghost Gear
The Hidden Woodsman
Tropical Lightweight Rucksack
High Ground Gear
ALICE Frame Modular Panel
Hill People Gear
C20M (discontinued)1
TRASH Bag (discontinued)
YOSEMITE Pack (discontinued)
ISAP Tactical
BRC Reconnaissance Ruck (discontinued)
The Kit Bag
ALICE Large Field Pack MK16 (discontinued)
LD Systems
Rugged Medium Rucksack (LD ALICE Pack)
Klasiki Ruck
Leggett Tactical Solutions
Modular Assault Ruck Sleeve (M.A.R.S.) (discontinued)
London Bridge Trading
Eight Pocket Light Backpack (LBT-2657)
Standard Ridge Ruck (LBT-0404)
Ten Pocket Ruck (LBT-1749)
Malterra USA
Ghost Recon Ruck (discontinued)
Mystery Ranch
Big Ds 4900 (discontinued)1
Blackjack 501
Blackjack 801
COMM 3 (discontinued)1
Jump Mountain Ruck1
Jump Overload1
Mountain Ruck1
NICE 5000 (discontinued)1
NICE COMM 2 (discontinued)1
NICE Longbow (discontinued)1
NICE Metcalf G2 (discontinued)1
NICE Overload 3-Zip (discontinued)1
NICE Penguin (discontinued)1
NICE Skiritai (discontinued)1
NICE Timberwolf (discontinued)1
NICE Wolf Alpha (discontinued)1
Praemittias Systems Wolfhound pack (discontinued)1
Paladin Custom Packs
ALICE Template (discontinued)
Expedition Template (discontinued)
Globe Template (discontinued)
Globe Hydro Template (discontinued)
Raider Template (discontinued)
Viking Template (discontinued)
ALICE Pack XL 2013 (discontinued)
MAC ALICE Pack (discontinued)
LRR Jungle ALICE Pack
MAC ALICE V2 Field Pack
SR Jungle ALICE Pack
Z ALICE Pack (discontinued)
PMK Rescue Solutions
CSAR Ruck (discontinued)
Raptor Tactical
Airborne Alice Pack
Ranger Alice Pack
Resilience Tactical
Cascade Assault Rucksack
Relentless Mountain Ruck
RFI Gear
MAD Rucksack (discontinued)
Skedco, Inc.
Sked-Pak™ I Jumpable Medical Ruck
Large Field Pack
Spec-Ops Brand
Recon Ruck Ultra
Tactical Advantage
SOF Improved ALICE Ruck 90L Backpack Kit
Tactical Assault Gear
Jumpable Recon Ruck
Mountain Ruck (discontinued)
Tactical Assault Systems
Tactical Defense Systems
LRRP Ruck (discontinued)
Satellite Base Ruck (discontinued)
Tactical Medical Solutions
CRATOS Panel (discontinued)
Tactical Tailor
MALICE Frame Modular Cover (discontinued)
MALICE Pack (std./V2/V3)
Nisqually Patrol MALICE Pack (discontinued)
Rhino Ruck (discontinued)
RR2600 MALICE Pack (discontinued)
RR5100 MALICE Pack (discontinued)
T3 Gear
Combat Controller Ruck (Tora Bora)
Combat Search and Rescue Pack
MOLLE Wall (discontinued)
• MOLLE 4000 pack
• Radio Carrying Case (NSN 5820-01-322-3477)
• USMC FILBE Main Bag (NSN 8465-01-600-7911)1
Maritime Adjustable Neutral Transit Assembly (M.A.N.T.A.) (discontinued)
Valhalla Tactical
Valhalla Versa MKIII Pack
Valkor Tactical
8 Pocket Rucksack

Note 1: Packbag does not have a padded frame pocket. Not recommended for use on an ALICE frame without an aftermarket pad/shoulder harness.

ALICE-Style Frames and Pads

This category includes aftermarket frames and pads that fit the standard ALICE frame or a similar variant, such as the Tactical Tailor MALICE Frame.

Ares Armor
Atlas Kidney Pad (discontinued)
Atlas Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
Adaptable Shoulder Straps
BDS Tactical
Ruck Kidney Pad (discontinued)
Ruck Shoulder Pads
ALICE Ruck Kidney Pad (discontinued)
Enhanced Military Ruck Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
Bongo Gear
Shoulder Harness, ALICE Pack
Bulldog Tactical Equipment
Bulldog Shoulder Straps
Bulldog Waist Belt
CSM Tactical Gear
Ruck Pad
Shoulder Pads
Drop Zone Tactical
Heavy Duty Kidney Belt (discontinued)
Shoulder Strap Set (discontinued)
Eagle Industries
ALICE Frame Waist Pad (discontinued)
ALICE Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
Quick Attach Waist Pad (discontinued)
Eureka Molding
Fire Force Tactical Gear
ALICE Pack Enhanced Padded Belt (discontinued)
ALICE Rucksack Kidney Waistbelt (discontinued)
ALICE Rucksack Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
Grey Ghost Gear
Ruck Sack Belt
Ruck Sack Frame
Ruck Sack Straps
ALIPAD (discontinued)
ISAP Tactical
Modified ALICE Frame (discontinued)
The Kit Bag
ALICE Enhanced Kidney Waist Belt (discontinued)
ALICE Enhanced Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
London Bridge Trading
ALICE Frame Enhancement Suspension System (LBT-2168E)
Pack Masters (Freeze Dry Guy)
ALICE Pack Suspension System (discontinued)
1606 ALICE Strap Set
ALICE Frame Hip Pad
ALICE Straps (discontinued)
Echo Pack Straps
Resilience Tactical
Replacement Ruck Shoulder Straps
Replacement Ruck Waist Belt
Spec-Ops Brand
Super Straps (discontinued)
T3 Gear
Lightweight Ruck Frame
Tactical Assault Gear
AGAF Frame
Ruck Kidney Pad (discontinued)
Ruck Sack Straps (discontinued)
Tactical Assault Systems
Hip Belt
Shoulder Straps
Steel Frame
Tactical Defense Systems
Ruck Frame (discontinued)
Ruck Kidney Pad, MK I (discontinued)
Ruck Kidney Pad, MK II (discontinued)
Ruck Kidney Pad, MK III (discontinued)
Ruck Shoulder Straps (discontinued)
Tactical Tailor
Ergo Super Belt
Low Profile Adjustable Super Straps
Low Profile Super Straps
MALICE Pack Frame
Super Belt
Super Straps
Alice Pack Straps and Hip Pad
Alice Pack Straps - Wide set
TYR Tactical
Huron™ Jungle Yoke Assembly (discontinued)
Huron™ PLUMA™ Load Carriage Frame (discontinued)
Valhalla Tactical
Valhalla Enhanced Shoulder Straps
Valhalla Enhanced Waist pad
Valhalla Fight Light Shoulder Straps
Valhalla Versa Waist Pad

ALICE-Compatible Frames and Pads

This category includes non-traditional ALICE-compatible frames, such as the Down East Inc. 1606AC and Mystery Ranch NICE Frame, as well as pads designed for those frames (primarily the DEI 1606AC).

ARUC Systems
Flat Frame System (discontinued)
Adaptable Shoulder Straps
Bull Pacs
Bull Pac frame
Big Bull frame
Bulldog Tactical Equipment
Bulldog Shoulder Straps
Cobalt Design
ONE299 Adjustable Pack Frame
Hip Belt (fits 1606 frame)
Straps (fits 1606 frame)
Yoke (fits 1606 frame)
AUSNICE Frame (discontinued)
DG16 Frame
Down East Inc.
1606AC Pack Frame (discontinued)
1606MC Pack Frame
High Performance Pad Set (fits 1606 frame)
Mountaineering Pad Set (fits 1606 frame)
Shoulder Pad Set for the DEI#1606 Frame (P/N 1622) (discontinued)
Waist Belt for the DEI#1606 Frame (P/N 1621) (discontinued)
Eagle Industries
MOLLE Frame Waist Pad Quick Release (fits 1606 frame) (discontinued)
MOLLE Quick Release Shoulder Straps (fits 1606 frame) (discontinued)
Fire Force Tactical Gear
ALICE Pack Enhanced Padded Belt (fits 1606 frame) (discontinued)
Frontier Resolve
Fortitude Pack Frame
Mystery Ranch
Guide Light Frame™ (discontinued)
Guide Light MT™ Frame
Military Light Frame
NICE Frame (std./BVS/RBVS)
NICE STRLLS (discontinued)
Overkill NICE Frame (discontinued)
• SPLF (SPEAR Pack series frame)
Paladin Custom Packs
Yoke Harness with Kidney Pad/Belt (fits 1606 frame) (discontinued)
1606 ALICE Strap Set
1606 Frame Hip Pad
1606MC Frame Strap and Lumbar Set
Sandpiper of California
Pack Mule frame (discontinued)
Field Pack Waist Strap (fits 1606 frame)
Large Field Pack Straps (fits 1606 frame)
Tactical Assault Systems
Hip Belt (fits 1606 frame)
Yoke Harness (fits 1606 frame)
DEI 1606MC Pack Frame with Straps
TYR Tactical
Huron™ Jungle Pack Assembly - Kit (fits Huron™ PLUMA™ Load Carriage Frame) (discontinued)
Wilderness Pack Specialties
Cascade/Compact Frame
Replacement suspension set (fits 1606 frame)
• MOLLE 4000 frame system
• USMC FILBE frame system
Valhalla Tactical
Valhalla Enhanced Shoulder Pads (fits 1606 frame)
Valhalla Enhanced Waist Pad (fits 1606 frame)